As a prominent company in the leisure market, we specialize in the service and maintenance of a wide variety of swimming pools.  We install only the most up to date equipment available on the international market. We also cater to the operation and maintenance of water features, bird bath water features, lighted outdoor water features, courtyard fountains and waterfall fountains and  Pool tile re-fixing


  • Water quality management
  • Maintenance of swimming pool system
  • Refurbishment and modification of pool and accessories.
  • Supply of specialty chemicals
  • Water quality related consultancy
  • Emergency response and support
  • Test analysis and reporting


  • Water treatment system
  • Swimming pool chemicals
  • Electric pool heating & chilling units
  • Ceramic tiles, mosaic, border tiles, terracotta, natural stones, ceramic coping tiles
  • Tile fixing glue, grouts
    Pool pumps, underwater lights.
  • Pool maintenance kits lifesaving rings control panels


          BHT started its aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, cladding processing and projects operations in 2006 at DIP, Dubai BHT’s new aluminium, composite cladding and stainless steel & mild steel processing facilities are located at Dubai Investment Park (DIC), Dubai. Over the years BHT has built significant capabilities in this area. Top quality aluminium profiles and accessories are used in processing and these are procured from leading international and local companies.
BHT has been in the business for over 7 years and has dedicated glass processing units in local market with state-of-art glass processing facility which supports the aluminium projects by providing processed glass for various projects. We cater all the processing requirements related to Architectural Glass like glass tempering, double glazing, lamination, polishing, beveling, fusing, sand blasting and back painting

          The present annual aluminium and stainless steel processing capabilities of BHT are :

Aluminium doors and windows – 50 Tons
Curtain Wall & Glazing Works – 200 Tons
Aluminium Composite Panel works – 50,000 m²
Stainless steel sheet metal works – 15,000 m²
Glass Tempering – Outsourced (Dedicated Supply chain) 50,000 m²
Glass Double Glazing – Outsourced (Dedicated Supply chain) 50,000 m²
Glass Lamination – Outsourced (Dedicated Supply Chain) 100,000 m²
Fused Glass – Outsourced (Dedicated Supply Chain) 2500 m²
Stain Glass – Outsourced (Dedicated Supply Chain) 30,000 m²


          Boilers can be complicated systems to maintain, It seems easy enough that water heats to steam, and that steam provides heat or power. For such seemingly simplistic operations, care and maintenance can be anything but simple.  Proper boiler treatment can prevent or correct a multitude of hazardous and costly situations.


  • Descaling, Caliberation of boiler components,Boiler water softeners, Pre-treatment plant routine test and water analysis
  • Calorifier maintenance, its water analysis and Deposit analysis
  • Dosage control equipment maintenance, Energy saving and Technical consultancy
  • Emergency responses, support, Operation & maintenance contract




  • System Analysis, Material Balance, Analytical Testing and Process Treatability
  • Analysis of Alternative Process Methods, Corrosion, General Studies and Water reuse
  • Energy conservation, Equipment Inspection, Cooling Chiller Inspection, Deposition Studies and Legionella Control


          Since 2004 Bright Horizon Trading LLC has been in the business of providing high quality services related to cooling towers. Today we continue that mission and extend our services to provide you superior, cost effective solutions in the following related fields.

  • Chemical and non chemical water treatment solution
  • Cooling tower water analysis and lab tests
  • Testing & performance improvement
  • Operation and maintenance contract
  • Protective and restoration coatings
  • Industrial coatings and application
  • Emergency response and support
  • Cleaning & maintenance
  • Technical consultancy
  • Plume abatement